Conny Persson









My name is Conny Persson and I have been a fulltime knifemaker & bladesmith
since 1991. I live in Sweden, in a place called Los (pronounced like loose).

I specialize in one-of-a-kind knives in mosaic damascus built from sheet stock and
metal tubing. My passion is development of mosaic patterns and
when I make
complicated mosaic patterns for my blades I go for beauty.
I am using special
Uddeholm steels, including 15N20 and 20c, also use nickel and ironnickel material.
I do my work in an wellequipped workshop with two trip hammers, 50 and 80 LB,
as well as a 200-LB air hammer. I also make damascus bars to other makers. I make
fixed blades and folding knives with blades and furnitures in a variety of contrasting
mosaic damascus steels, handles include fossillized ivories and assorted woods.

The story behind my interest in making knives is that I bought a knife with damascus
blade from Kaj Embretsen and got curious on how it was made. Kaj gave me some
tips in the beginning. I started out with traditional laminated blades in Scandinavian style,
but soon I changed to damascus blades. In 1994 an article in the Swedish knifemakers
Association magazine about Steve Schwarzer and Hank Knickmeyer gave me inspiration
to start working with mosaic damascus.

You can see my knives when I am visiting knifeshows in USA or in Europe. (See show
list for exact date) I hope you will enjoy my website and feel free to contact me if you have
any questions, want more information or are intrested in buying a knife.

Conny Persson



* The knifeblade of the year, Elverum; Norway 1996

* The knifeblade of the year, Elverum; Norway 1997
*Top knifemaker collaboration, ECCKS; New York 1999
* Best Damascus Design, Blade Show; Atlanta 1999
*Prix du couteau droit Damas, SICAC; Paris 1999
* Judges award, CMWE; Seattle 1999
* Best knifemaker collaboration, ECCKS; New York 2001
* Best Damascus Design, Blade Show; Atlanta 2002
* BLADE handmade Best Damascus award 2002
* Ljusdal Culture award ; Sweden 2003
* Best knife collaboration, Blade Show; Atlanta 2003

*Second chair in the Swedish Knife Association's Hall Of Fame, 2008